H.T.H.P. Cabinet Dyeing Machine

H.T.H.P. Cabinet Dyeing Machine


Suitable for pre-treatments and after-treatments of cotton, ramie, wood, acrylic and blended hank yarn under atmospheric condition (98′). Complete process of bulking treatment, scouring, bleaching, dyeing and softening can be done in a single operation. Space between hank roads can be from 426 to 855mm, suitable for various hank yarn lengths. Full packed model is most suitable for dyeing hank yarn of different lengths and special sizes. Precise reversal controller for automatic dye liquor reversion ensures even color shade. Excellent designed circulation pump equipped with multi step pulley to create suitable flow for different kind of yarns. The machine also can be used in couple two or four to reduce color difference.

Technical Features

  • Max.working Temperature 128°C
  • Heating Rate: 20°C-98%, approx. 30minutes
  • Cooling Rate: 98°C-80°C, approx.15 minutes.

Optional Features

  • Automatic micro-processor control system.
  • Invertors control system for main pump.
  • Additions tank for colour passing.
H.T.H.P. Cabinet Dyeing Machine-02