Fabric Weight Reduction/Scouring Machine

Fabric Weight Reduction/Scouring Machine


This Machine is suitable for dyeing as well as weight reduction for synthetic fabric. Fabrics are circulated with low tension by alkali liquid sprayed from soft nozzle which give good feet result and improves the evenness of the fabric.

The machine is capable for interactions of the fabric with sodium hydroxide (mercerization) for any type of fabric like Cotton, Tencel, Manmade fibers, Newcell etc.

(Suitable for Scouring / Weight reduction for synthetic fabric / Mercerizing)

Exclusive Features

  • Lowest Liquor Ratio
  • Reduce Power Consumption
  • Reduce Thermic Energy
  • Reduce Maintenance
  • Lowest Running Cost
  • Zero Entanglement
  • Fully Dismantle Design

Technical Features

  • Capacity : 150Kg. to 1000Kg.
  • Suitable for Dyeing as well as Weight Reduction for Synthetic Fabrics.
  • Max. Temp.: Up to 98°C.
  • Caustic Recovery tank with Pump & other accessories.
  • Vessel SS 316 L
  • Sampling Device.

Optional Features

  • Fully Automatic with PLC.
  • Main Pump Invertor
  • Partly automatic
  • Flow Meter (Water Liter Counter)
  • Magnetic Level Indicator/Controller
  • Pre-heating System for recovery tank