Economical Jet Fabric Dyeing Machine



In this development, there is no fabric drive reel to move the fabric. The Fabric movement by only force of water. It is economical, because of low liquor ratio it’s reduce every think. It is user friendly because comparison with long tube dyeing machine, to control the fabric movement 4 valves required. Here in this Jet dyeing machine and Fabric Dyeing Machine there is only one valve. Absent of reel, reduce connecting electric rim power, maintenance of two mechanical seal and breakdown time, if Jet pressure and reel speed not synchronized. Nearly without fabric drive reel machines are saving energy and reducing pollution.

Exclusive Features

  • Lowest Liquor Ratio
  • Reduce Power Consumption
  • Reduce Thermic Energy
  • No Fabric Drive Reel
  • Reduce Maintenance
  • Lowest Running Cost
  • Zero Entanglement.

Technical Features

  • Capacity 25kg to 400kg (Single Tube)
  • Ultra Low Liquor Ratio - 1:1 (Wet Fabric)
  • Dye - 30 to 450 Grms./Mtr. Sq. Fabrics (Woven & Knitted Fabrics)
  • High Temp. - Up to 140 Degree C
  • Fabric Speed - 300 Mtr./Min.
  • Vessel SS 316 L

Optional Features

  • Fully Automatic with PLC.
  • Main Pump Invertor.
  • Sealless Pump/with Seal Pump
  • Flow Meter (Water liter counter)
  • Magnetic Level Indicator/Controller.
Economical Jet Fabric Dyeing Machine-02